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Most businesses don’t need anyone to help them with the core products and services. Many small businesses, organizations and individuals just need a little help with their marketing, advertising and technology. They might just need a little advice when they have run out of ideas that work.

That’s exactly why AKOR Services is here. We are specialists in marketing, data management, business systems and processes, inventory and technology. If you just need a little coaching or consulting, we’re here for you. If you want real help with your marketing program, planning, new responsive and data -enabled web sites, social media, printing and mailing services, and collateral materials, we do that as well.

With over 30 years of experience in business, we are ready to help you with whatever aspects of your business you want assistance with. We have the team in place to help with whatever you need. Think of us as your outsourced Marketing and Creative departments with your best interests in mind and are partnered with you to make you more successful.

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